• Course details will be announce soon.
  • Test comprises of sectional and Full Mock.
  • Answer Hints are designed in three parts
    • Model Approach
    • Model Hints
    • Supplementary Notes related to the topic
    • Detailed Discussion for sectional test will be conducted on same day after the test.
    • Discussion will focus on Conceptual clarity & Answer writing.
    • Aspirants Answer Copy will be evaluated by the experts only.
    • Copy Evaluation and feedback system has been designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.


      The MPPSC Mains Exam 2019 is expected in the Month of April - May 2020 and it is going to be conducted in UPSC format. Learning and practicing the skill and art of mains answer writing can be the game changer not only for mains exam but also to ensure the final selection in the service.

      MPPSC Mains Test Series 2019  ( Online ) has certain advantages that will help you become more prepared to face the mains examination, which is now based on MPPSC pattern:

      • MPPSC Mains Test Series  helps you with content preparation, time management, presentation, and also provides a platform to correct grave mistakes w.r.t. answer writing; well before real exam. So that you can improve upon those mistakes and get good score during PCS Mains 2019 Examination
      • Mock papers cover a variety of questions (Factual/ Analytical/ MP Syllabus Based/ Current Affairs Based) which makes you well equipped to handle all type of scenarios & questions.
      • It also keeps your study plan on a track & provides a good check and keeps one on toes to perform better in these mock papers, which eventually increase your actual score
      • Last but not the least, It makes one mentally prepared to sit for 3 hours and focus on answer writing. This test series will be good enough to get yourself in the desired examination mode & remove all your mistakes.

      NOTE: Classroom discussion will be conducted only for Sectional Tests.


      Batch date will be announced soon

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