Idioms & Phrases 24.12.2019

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    24 December at 09:00 AM

1. Talking through hat

Meaning – To say foolish things; to talk nonsense

Usage – Don't pay attention to him, he's just talking through his hat again.


2. Looking forward to

Meaning – To excitedly anticipate something

Usage – I'm looking forward to visiting my family this Christmas


3. Slip off

Meaning – To escape or depart for some location quietly or in secret

Usage – We decided to skip the meeting and slipped off to the movies instead.


4. Get on well

Meaning – Have a friendly relationship

Usage – They must get on well with me.


5. In a pickle

Meaning – In a troublesome or difficult situation

Usage – We're in a pretty pickle now because the hotel gave our room away.


6. Under a cloud

Meaning – Viewed with distrust and/or thought to be dishonorable

Usage – The victim's husband is under a cloud of suspicion until he is interrogated.


7. As hard as nails

Meaning – Physically or mentally tough

Usage – The racers are as hard as nails!


8. Allow a free hand

Meaning – Complete liberty

Usage – He gave Stephanie a free hand in the decoration.


9. Lay (oneself) out

Meaning – To put in a great deal of effort; to inconvenience oneself or go through a lot of trouble

Usage – I don't know why I always lay myself out to impress your parents—they never appreciate what I do anyway.


10. Break down

Meaning – To lose control of one's emotions, often sadness

Usage – My mother seemed fine this morning, but she completely broke down at the funeral and cried through the whole thing.


11. Cut coat according to one’s cloth

Meaning – To shop or act in accordance with one's financial limitations

Usage – You'll go bankrupt unless you start cutting your coat according to your cloth.


12. Weal and woe

Meaning – Ups and downs

Usage – We all get our share of weal and woe in life.


13. Iron will

Meaning – Strong determination

Usage – He had an iron will to fight cancer.


14. To take to task

Meaning – Punish

Usage – The shouting child was taken to task by the teacher.  


15. Rack and ruin

Meaning – Utter destruction or ruination

Usage – The rack and ruin of my grandfather's estate pains me greatly.