Phrasal Verbs with the word 'Go' - I

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    04 January at 09:00 AM

Hello friends, today, we will learn phrasal verbs that start with the word ‘Go’ along with their meanings and usages.


Verb → Go

  • Go about

Meaning – To travel around a particular place or area

Usage – On Christmas, the kids go about the whole neighbourhood with their friends. 


  • Go about

Meaning – To begin or undertake on some task

Usage – Ma’am, how should I go about formatting this report? 


  • Go about

Meaning – To spread among a number of people, as of news, rumors, etc.

Usage – When news of this scam goes about, your career in politics will be finished! 


  • Go about

Meaning – To spread among a number of people, as of an illness

Usage – A nasty cold has been going about—I hope I don't get it. 


  • Go about

Meaning – To wear a particular outfit or item in public

Usage – You'll definitely notice my mom—she always goes about in a bright red coat.  


  • Go across

Meaning – To traverse something

Usage – How long will it take us to go across the river on the ferry? 


  • Go after

Meaning – To do something after someone else does

Usage – Karen was in line first, so you can go after her.  


  • Go after

Meaning – To pursue someone or something

Usage – Sarah's always been one to go after her dreams. 


  • Go after

Meaning – To charge or attack someone or an animal

Usage – The bear went after the hunters and scared them off. 


  • Go after

Meaning – To investigate someone or something for possible criminal prosecution

Usage – The police detectives went after the whole gang. 


  • Go against

Meaning – To oppose, disagree with, or compete against someone or something

Usage – It will be good if you don’t go against your parents.    


  • Go against

Meaning – To be or signal a disadvantage or undesired outcome for someone or something

Usage – Though we thought we had an airtight legal argument, but the court case ultimately went against us. 


  • Go ahead

Meaning – To proceed or move ahead of someone or something

Usage – I'm not ready to order yet, so you can go ahead of me. 


  • Go ahead

Meaning – To bring or move something ahead of someone or something else

Usage – You go ahead with the groceries while I pay the bill. 


  • Go ahead

Meaning – To continue or proceed, especially despite problems or challenges

Usage – It snowed so much that the event couldn't go ahead as planned, unfortunately. 


  • Go ahead

Meaning – To do something without hesitation

UsageGo ahead and knock on the door—I'm pretty sure she's home. 


  • Go all out

Meaning – To put forth the utmost amount of energy, effort, enthusiasm, and/or resources

Usage – You'll be going against a state champion in the next match, so you'll have to go all out if you want to beat her! 


  • Go all out

Meaning – To do everything possible for someone or something

Usage – We went all out and it was not appreciated at all. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To follow along with someone or something; to act in accordance with another's actions, especially when their motive or goal is unknown

Usage – If the cops show up at the house because the party's too loud, just go along with whatever I say. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To accompany or join someone

Usage – Can I go along with you to the mall? I need to get a new alarm clock. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To participate or cooperate in an activity or scheme

Usage – I'm sorry, but I can't go along with this. It's wrong. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To be in harmony or agreement with something

Usage – Unfortunately, the information we learned does not go along with the doctor's claims. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To travel or continue on some path or route

Usage – Just go along Main Street and then turn once you get to the river. 


  • Go along

Meaning – To accompany someone just to be taking a ride

Usage – Why don't you go along with us for the ride?