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78th anniversary of Quit India movement

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    11th Aug, 2020
  • Every year 8 August is celebrated in India as August Kranti Din.
  • After the failure of Cripps Mission in March 1942, Gandhiji began the Quit India Movement and determined to launch a mass civil disobedience motion.
  • As a result, Gandhi was imprisoned at Aga Khan Palace, Pune and the All India Congress Committee and the four Provincial Congress Committees were declared unlawful associations under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1908.
  • Quit India Movement was a watershed movement in the sense, that it prepared the ground for future politics in India. It is in the Quit India Movement that freedom struggle was owned by ’We the People’ who fought for India’s freedom.
  • Aruna Asaf Ali popularly known as the ‘Grand Old Lady’ of the Independence Movement is known for hoisting the Indian flag at the Gowalia Tank Maidan in Mumbai during the Quit India Movement.
  • Female leaders like Usha Mehta has helped set up an underground radio station which led to the awakening about the movement.