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Breeding colony in Great Rann of Kutch of greater flamingos

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    14th Dec, 2020


  • Chicks of greater flamingos separated from their flock and stuck in mud at a breeding colony in Great Rann of Kutch (GRK) were rescued and reunited with their flock.

What are the characteristics of greater flamingos?

  • The greater flamingo is the most widespread and largest species of the flamingo family.
  • These famous pink birds can be found in warm, watery regions on many continents.
  • It is found in Africa, on the Indian subcontinent, in the Middle East, and in southern Europe.
  • They favor environments like estuaries and saline or alkaline lakes.
  • Shrimplike crustaceans are responsible for the flamingo's pink color.
  • It IUCN status is least concern.

What are the threats?

  • The primary threats to flamingo populations are bacteria, toxins, and pollution in water supplies, which is usually run-off from manufacturing companies, and encroachment on their habitat.

What is about the Great Rann of Kutch?

  • It is a salt marsh in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat.
  • It is reputed to be one of the largest salt deserts in the world.
  • This area has been inhabited by the Kutchi people.
  • In India the northern boundary of the Greater Rann of Kutch forms the International Border between India and Pakistan.

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