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China’s Chang’e 5 mission to retrieve lunar rocks

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    4th Dec, 2020


  • China landed its spacecraft Chang’e-5 on the moon in a bid to become the first to retrieve lunar samples in more than four decades.

What are its features?

  • Chang’e-5 spacecraft ”stack” was launched from Wenchang, Southern China.
  • One part of the spacecraft stayed in the Moon’s orbit whereas the lander touched down.
  • The lander is also equipped with a spectrometer, radar and a camera to help with the extraordinary task.
  • Chang’e-5 will be collecting 10 times more samples than the previous mission.
  • China is aiming for inner Mongolia as the spot for spacecraft’s landing.

How it will work?

  • Chang’e-5 has touched down on the north of the Mons Rümker in Oceanus Procella run which is also called Ocean of Storms which is situated on the near side of the moon.
  • Mons Rümker is an isolated volcanic formation on the moon surface.
  • This will be done by drilling underground followed by scooping and sealing it in a container to be brought back to the Earth.

What is its significance?

  • It will help scientists understand Earth’s solitary natural satellite’s origins.

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