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Endangered dhole

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    15th Dec, 2020


  • The concerns are being raised over the endangered large carnivore, dhole, which deserves more attention.

What are its characteristics and ecological status?

  • It whistles through its nose to locate other members of its pack. It also whines, screeches, and growls, but it cannot bark or howl like a dog.
  • Unlike tigers, leopards, and wolves, the dhole doesn’t eye people as prey.
  • The dhole is found in a wide variety of habitat types, including deciduous and evergreen forests and alpine steppeof Central and East Asia.
  • The declining population trend is expected to continue, and the range of the dhole is much fragmented and reduced.

What are the threats?

  • Habitat loss
  • Hunting
  • Depletion of prey base
  • Persecution and possibly disease transfer from domestic and feral dogs.

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