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Government plans to measure depth of Himalayan glaciers to assess water availability

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    21st Dec, 2020


  • As global warming affects the Himalayas, the Ministry of Earth Sciences is planning to measure the depth of glaciers in the region to assess their volume and gauge the water available.

What is the purpose of the project?

  • The purpose of studying the depth of the glaciers is to understand the volume. This will also help us understand the availability of water and whether the glaciers are increasing or shrinking.
  • The Himalayan glaciers are a major source of water for rivers originating from there.

Which technology will be used and how it works?

  • Radar technology that uses microwave signals will be used to study it.
  • The technology can penetrate through the ice and reach the rocks, something which the satellite images cannot do.
  • The signals, after reflecting on the rocks can help understand the depth.

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