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Gujarat Gaay Gauri Mela called off over Covid restrictions

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    14th Nov, 2020


  • Gujarat Gaay Gauri Mela is called off over Covid restrictions. People say that they will decorate cattle and offer prayers indoors.

Key Heighlights of the festival

  • The annual Gaay Gauri Mela is a customary tribal event to mark the New year after Diwali.
  • This festival is much similar to the famous annual Spanish bull run festival.
  • In this festival, the cows and bulls are bejewelled and decorated with hand-paintings.
  • The annual festival held a day after Diwali to mark the Hindu New Year.
  • The bulls, painted bright and their horns adorned with peacock feathers and glitter.
  • Farmers burst firecrackers to trigger the animals to run over those prostrating before the herd.

Why it is celebrated?

  • Villagers colour their cattle and feed them good things and sweets in the morning and seek forgiveness for the troubles they give them throughout the year
  • Then we allow them to run over us as compensation for the troubles they bear for them.
  • If their feet stamp over our backs, it is considered to be the blessings from the gods and goddesses

What are the restrictions put up by administration?

  • The use of airborne firecrackers during the event, especially rockets, are prohibited since 2012.
  • The prohibitory order that is in place as part of the Disaster Management Act also applies to this event.

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