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IIT Ropar develops alternative to alcohol-based disinfectant

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    24th Feb, 2021


IIT Ropar has developed a low cost device to produce electrolyzed water which is an alternate to alcohol based disinfectants (sanitizer)

What is electrolysed water?

  • When electricity is passed through tap water which contains salt (esp of Chlorine like NaCl, KCl) the product is electrolyzed water which has different properties than normal tap water.
  • When slightly acidic water is electrolyzed, it causes the formation of potent oxidizing radicals (of Chlorine) called Free Available Chlorine derived from oxygen and chloride that react to form hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions.
  • Both agents are non-toxic and work better than bleach.
  • The dissociation of anions and cations will also results in the formation of a variety of chemical species such as chlorine gas, and hydrochloric acid.

Benefits of electrolyzed water (EW)

  • The electrolysed water also shows strong killing activity against bacteria, fungi and many other types of viruses.
  • It decontaminates surfaces of lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, cantaloupes, and cucumbers.
  • Unlike alcohol based sanitizer, EW is non-toxic and non-flammable and therefore does not require hazardous or chemical storage or handling precautions.

Other COVID-19 inventions in India

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FELUDA: paper strip test for COVID-19 infection developed by CSIR