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ISRO to launch data relay satellite

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    26th Apr, 2021


In order to maintain contact with Gaganyaan mission, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is going to launch data relay satellites.

About the mission

  • The satellite will be launched before the final leg of the Gaganyaan mission, which will send astronauts to the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO).
  • The first leg -- the unmanned mission -- is to be launched in December.
  • Project costing: 800 crores

The need of relay data

  • Satellites in orbit cannot pass along their information to the ground stations on Earth if the satellite does not have a clear view of the ground station.
  • A data relay satellite serves as a way to pass along the satellite’s information.

NASA’s Relay Satellite

  • The NASA, with a robust human space mission programme, also has its own data relay satellite.
  • It’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite allows it to have global coverage of all the satellites round the clock without having to build extra ground stations on Earth.
    • The ISRO uses several ground stations spread across the globe -- Mauritius, Brunei and Biak, Indonesia.