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    17th Jul, 2020
  • Kazi 106F’, described as the country’s only Golden Tiger.
  • It resides in world heritage Kaziranga National Park of Assam.
  • It is also known as ‘Tabby tiger’ or ‘Strawberry tiger’.
  • The skin of tigers is orange-yellow with black stripes and whitish abdominal region.
  • The yellowish background is controlled by a set of ‘agouti genes’ and their alleles and the black colour stripes are controlled by ‘tabby genes’ and their alleles.
  • Suppression of any of these genes may lead to colour variation in tiger.
  • An agouti gene interacts with the pigment cells to produce yellow to red or brown to black expression.
  • This interaction is responsible for making distinct light and dark bands in the hairs of animals such as the agouti here same is happening in our tigress - Kazi 106 F.

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