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Koch Rajbongshis

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    15th Feb, 2021


  • The Koch Rajbongshis have come to the light amid the upcoming assembly elections in the states of Assam and W Bengal.

Who are the Koch Rajbangshis?


  • They are a community that traces its roots to the Kamata Kingdom, which comprised parts of Assam, West Bengal, and adjoining territories.
  • In the medieval period, the community was dominant and ruled their territory of Bangladesh, West Bengal, Bihar, and India’s north-east.


  • Now, Koch Rajbongshis are found in Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, and Bihar, and in Bangladesh, Nepal, and some parts of Bhutan.

Political Significance

  • They are present in a significant number over 33 lakh in West Bengal, mostly the northern districts, and a large number in Assam also.


  • They are demanding a separate Kamatapur state consisting of North Bengal and parts of Assam.
  • They have concerns over their culture and identity issues.