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Ladakh standoff: China to pull back its troops to Finger 8

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    12th Nov, 2020


  • China has proposed moving its troops back to Finger 8 and return of troops by the two sides to their original locations on the south bank of the lake.
  • According to India, the LAC passes through Finger 8 on the north bank of PangongTso. In May, Chinese troops came 8 km west, up to Finger 4.
  • Indian troops had positioned themselves on Gurung Hill, Magar Hill, Mukhpari, Rechin La and Rezang La. 

PangongTso Lake and its location

  • PangongTso is an endorheic lake (landlocked).
  • It is partly in India’s Ladakh region and partly in Tibet.
  • The Karakoram Mountain range ends at the north bank of PangongTso.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the lake is controlled by China, with just about 45 km under Indian control.
  • The LAC, running north-south, cuts the western part of the lake, aligned east-west.

What is the Bone of contention between two?

  • India and China have unsettled borders, and the perception of the LAC differs in multiple sectors, including on PangongTso. 
  • India claims that the LAC is coterminous with Finger 8, but it physically controls area only up to Finger 4.
  • Chinese border posts are at Finger 8, while it believes that the LAC passes through Finger 2.

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