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Launching of Geo-imaging satellite “EOS-03”

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    30th Jul, 2021


The Geo-imaging satellite“EOS-03”is scheduled to be launch in third quarter of 2021.

About the Geo-imaging satellite“EOS-03”

  • It would enable near-real time monitoring of natural disasters like floods & cyclones. 
  • It will help in monitoring of water bodies, crops, vegetation condition, forest cover changes etc.
  • It will be launched through the SSLV.
  • SSLV is cost-effective, three stage, all-solid launch vehicle with a payload capability of 500 kg to 500 km planar orbit or 300 kg to Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit.
  • SSLV is ideal for on-demand, quick turn-around launch of small satellites.

Geo Imaging Satellite or GISAT

  • It is an Indian imaging satellite class for geostationary orbit with high temporal resolution, meant to provide near real time imaging with a fast revisit capability and real time monitoring.
  • Two identical satellites will provide the resolution in the range of 42 to 318 m.
  • It will carry the imaging instruments:
    • multi-spectral (Visible and Near-InfraRed, and Short Wave-InfraRed)
    • multi-resolution (42 to 318 m)