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Modern Grand Solar Minimum

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    10th Oct, 2020
  • Scientists say the Sun may be going through a long period of decreased activity known as the Modern Grand Solar Minimum from 2020 to 2053.
  • The last time such an event occurred was during the Maunder Minimum — from 1645 AD to 1710 AD, which was part of what is now known as the Little Ice Age — when Earth went through a series of elongated cold periods during the medieval centuries.
  • A variation in solar irradiance leads to heating of the upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere and influences the transport of solar energy towards the planet’s surface.
  • Impact on Global warming?
    • In February 2020, it released a statement that dispelled the fact that there would be any major effect on global temperature rise due to greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities.
    • According to NASA, even during a Grand Solar Minimum, the decrease in climate forcing would only be worth as much as three years of carbon dioxide growth in the atmosphere.
    • NASA also said the impact of global warming would be six times greater than the cooling caused by the Grand Solar Minimum and that even if the period lasted for a century, the planet would continue to warm.

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