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Mucormycosis among Covid-19 patients

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    8th May, 2021


As the cases of mucormycosis are increasing in Covid-19 patients, the Niti Aayog’s (health) member has clarified that the correlation between mucormycosis and Covid-19 is not exclusive.

About the Mucormycosis

  • Fungal: It is a serious but rare fungal infection.
    • It is caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes.
    • These molds live throughout the environment.
    • It is a fungus that breeds on wet surfaces.
    • It is absolutely preventable.
  • Diabetes link: It is very uncommon to happen among patients who do not have diabetes.
  • Reasons: There are three factors triggering this fungal infection: uncontrolled diabetes, immunosuppression because of steroids or any other disease and exposure to a wet surface.
  • Types: It is found in multiple forms on the basis of the organ it impacts
    • rhinocerebral (sinus and brain) mucormycosis 
    • pulmonary (lung) mucormycosis 
    • cutaneous (skin) mucormycosis 
    • gastrointestinal mucormycosis 
    • disseminated mucormycosis 

Mucorsmycosis and Covid-19

  • There are reports of the fungal infection among Covid-19 patients.
  • The infection affects majorly to those who have a high blood sugar level.
  • The presence of Covid-19, breathing difficulty is not necessary for this infection.
  • As in the Covid-19 treatment, the life-saving steroids and medicines which suppress immunity are used it tends to support the growth of the fungus.
  • In addition the during the oxygen support, the humidifier also increases the chance of the fungal infection.

Suggested measures for its prevention

  • Five measures to follow to minimise the chance of this infection among Covid-19 patients:
    • First: the blood sugar should be under check, Covid or no Covid.
    • Second: In Covid-19 treatment, the steroid should be used judiciously, only in the recommended dose and after the sixth day
    • Third: The humidifier should have clean water.
    • Fourth: The overall cleanliness of covid-19 patient should be maintained. 
    • Fifth: Any new oral ulcer should be treated immediately.