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Panel to conserve Edakkal Caves

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    28th Aug, 2020
  • The Edakkal Caves are located on the Ambukuthi Hills (a part of the Western Ghats) on the Mysore Plateau, in Wayanad district of Kerala. It is located 1,200m above the sea level.
  • It has engravings from the late Neolithic period, the only evidence for the existence of true Neolithic Culture in Kerala.
  • Some of the carvings in the caves date back to 6000 BC and hence, even sound can impact them.
  • The Neolithic petroglyphs on the cave walls still await protection from illegal constructions, mining, and urbanisation.
  • Authorities had been looking to get the caves labelled as UNESCO World Heritage Site to help conserve the site.
  • Recently government has constituted a nine-member expert committee to conduct a detailed study on the present state of the Edakkal caves.
  • The committee would consist of experts in archaeology, history, geology, rock mechanics, and conservation.

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