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Saudi Arabia launches Saudi Green Initiative

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    29th Apr, 2021


In order to combat climate change, Saudi Arabia has launched the ‘Saudi Green Initiative’ and ‘Middle East Green Initiative’.

About the initiatives

Saudi Green Initiatives

  • The Saudi Green Initiative aims to raise the vegetation cover, reduce carbon emissions, combat pollution and land degradation, and preserve marine life.
  • As part of the initiative, 10 billion trees will be planted in the Kingdom.
  • It aims to reduce carbon emissions by more than 4% of global contributions, through a renewable energy programme that will generate 50% of Saudi’s energy from renewables by 2030.
  • With the understanding that the need of the hour is to do more than enough, Saudi Arabia is working towards raising the percentage of its protected areas to more than 30% of its total land area, representing roughly 6,00,000 sq km, exceeding the global target of 17%.

Middle East Green Initiative

  • As part of the Middle East Green initiative, Saudi Arabia will work with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and regional partners to plant an additional 40 billion trees in the West Asian region.
  • It represents 5% of the global target of planting one trillion trees and reducing 2.5% of global carbon levels.
  • Saudi Arabia has been sharing its expertise and know-how with its neighbouring countries to reduce carbon emissions resulting from hydrocarbon production in the region by 60% and globally by 10%.

Saudi Arabia’s carbon mission

  • Saudi Arabia currently operates the largest carbon capture and utilisation plant in the world, turning half a million tonnes of CO2 annually into products such as fertilizers and methanol.
  • It also operates one of the region’s most advanced CO2-enhanced oil recovery plants that captures and stores 8,00,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.