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Silk-protein-based tumour models for testing out cancer

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    8th Feb, 2021


Researchers from IIT Guwahati have come up with silk-protein–based tumour3D model for testing cancer drugs.

Key features of the Model

  • Bio-activity: It involves fabrication of a bio-active composite of silk proteins from two species of silk moths.
  • 3-D base: It builds a scaffold that provides a three-dimensional base for growing tumours.
  • Imitate native environment: This 3D silk-based tumour model imitates native tumour microenvironment, complex tumour physiology and metastasis, thus improving drug screening efficacy.

The need

  • Normally, cancer drugs are tested using patient-derived primary cancer cells, on tumours induced in animal models or on genetically modified organisms.
  • These models are insufficient to reproduce the three-dimensional morphology and physiology of human tumours.

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