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    7th Sep, 2021


Recently, India and Singapore carried out 28th edition of the Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX).


  • Initiated in 1994, SIMBEX is the Indian Navy's longest uninterrupted bilateral maritime exercise with any foreign navy.

28th edition of SIMBEX 

  • This edition was a mega naval wargame in the southern fringes of the South China Sea.
  • The success of SIMBEX-2021 is yet another demonstration of the mutual resolve on both sides to strengthen the bilateral partnership further in the years ahead.
    • Both navies have a representation in each other's Maritime Information Fusion Centres.
    • India and Singapore have also recently signed an agreement on mutual submarine rescue support and coordination.

Participation of Indian INS

  • The Indian Navy deployed its INS for the 'SIMBEX' exercise-

    • Guided-missile destroyer INS Ranvijay with a ship borne helicopter
    • Anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kiltan
    • Guided-missile corvette INS Kora 
    • One P8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft 
  • Four F-16 fighter aircraft of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) also participated in the exercise during the air defence drills.

Participation of Singapore Navy

  • The Singapore Navy was represented by 

    • Formidable class frigate RSS Steadfast , embarked with an S-70B naval helicopter
    • Victory class missile corvette RSS Vigour
    • One Archer class submarine 
    • One Fokker-50 maritime patrol aircraft

Key-achievements (despite evolving challenges)

  • Despite these constraints during the planning stages, both navies could achieve seamless and safe execution of several challenging evolutions including

    • live weapon firing
    • Advanced naval warfare serials,including 
      • Anti-submarine 
      • Anti-air 
      • Anti-surface warfare drills
  • The scale and complexity of the drills is a "testimony" to the interoperability achieved between both Navies.