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Subramania Bharati

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    14th Sep, 2021


To commemorate the death anniversary of freedom fighter Subramania Bharati, Tamil Nadu government has declared September 11 as 'Mahakavi' Day. 

About Subramania Baharati

  • Son of Chinnasamy Iyer and Lakshmi Ammal, Subramania Bharati was born on December 11, 1882, in Ettayapuram, South India.
  • Bharati found his mentor and inspiration in Bal Gangadhar. He exhibited a knack for writing poetry at a very young age. He started composing poems at the age of 8.
  • He has left his legacy in Tamil Literature.
  • He was not only a poet but a patriot, journalist, philosopher, reformer, and freedom fighter during the pre-independence era.
  • Also referred to by the name of Mahakavi Bharathiyar, meaning Great Poet of Tamil, Bharati’s name is counted amongst the most celebrated poets of the country.
  • He was an expert at both prose and poetry writing.
  • He was also the first Asian poet to sing the glory of the Bolshevik revolution.
  • Literary works:“Kannan Pattu” “Nilavum Vanminum Katrum” “Panchali Sabatam” “Kuyil Pattu”.

  • The Government of India in 1987 instituted the highest National Subramania Bharati Award conferred along with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (now Education), annually conferred on writers of outstanding works in Hindi literature.
  • Bharathiar University, a state university has been named after the poet in Coimbatore.
  • Subramania Bharati’s commemorative stamp was also issued by the Indian Post in his respect.