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The New Quad Group in West Asia

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    23rd Oct, 2021


Recently, the Foreign Ministers of India, the US, Israel and the UAE concluded a virtual meeting. The meeting is a strong manifestation of the changes in West Asian geopolitics and formation of another Quad like grouping in the Middle East.

Factors Responsible for New Grouping

  • Abraham Accord: The new grouping could be possible after the resumption of the formal relationship between Israel and the UAE, via Abraham Accord.
  • Tackling Turkish Regional Government: The new Quad could be cited as a result of shifting interests between India, the UAE, and Israel amid claims by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to support the Islamic world leadership.
  • US Pivot to Asia: The US apparently wants to reduce its measures in the Middle East as part of its pivot to East Asia to tackle China's rise, re-creating the traditional balance of West Asia.
    • In order to contain rising China’s assertiveness, the US under its ‘pivot to Asia policy’ has launched Quad initiative, Indo pacific narrative.

Significance for India

  • Shift towards a regional approach: The four-nation summit suggests that India is now ready to move from bilateral relations to an integrated regional policy.
  • India's Westward Shift: Much to the extent that "Indo-Pacific" has changed the way India thinks in the east, the idea of ??a "Greater Middle East" could provide greater fulfillment in India's integration with the expanded west.
  • Tackling Pakistan: In addition, the new group is also driven by the growing tensions between Pakistan and Turkey and its separation from its traditionally strong supporters in the Arab Gulf - in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Strengthening Relationships: Over the years, India has built good relations between all the countries in the new group.
    • It is a member of Quad and the US, Australia and Japan, with similar concerns and interests shared in East Asia.
    • Israel is one of India’s top defence suppliers.
  • The UAE is vital to India's energy security and has hosted millions of Indian workers.