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Artemis Accords

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    10th Jun, 2021


As India is heading towards lunar missions, it becomes necessary to think over its cooperation at international level and to go for Artemis Accord.

About Artemis Accords

  • The Artemis Accords are a mechanism by which countries can participate in NASA’s Artemis Programme.
  • The programme envisages landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024, which require international cooperation.
  • NASA likely sees this as a natural next step after the collaboration at the International Space Station.
  • The Artemis Accords will describe a shared vision for principles, grounded in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, to create a safe and transparent environment which facilitates exploration, science, and commercial activities for all of humanity to enjoy.

India’s stand

  • India’s lunar programme has had limited success.
  • It has two missions in orbit.
    • The US has collaborated with India on Chandrayaan 1, the first lunar mission.
    • India is also collaborating with Japan on a future lunar mission, called LUPEX, to the Moon’s surface. Japan is also a signatory to the Artemis Accords.
    • The US, France, Germany and Italy in Europe, and Japan have also offered help to India with human spaceflight training.
    • India also depends on Ukraine for semi-cryogenic engines and Ukraine is a signatory to the accords.
  • These various dependencies in advanced space technologies make up an important background to understand the context in which India is operating. They may play a role in India’s decision on whether to join the Artemis Accords.
  • The Artemis Accords provides a similar opportunity to learn about interplanetary missions and human spaceflight. India must take advantage of this opportunity.