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Batik painting

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    29th Dec, 2020

What are the features of this painting?

  • Batik is a Javanese word meaning wax painting.
  • It came to Shantiniketan and spread to many parts of India.
  • The design in this painting is produced by a negative dyeing method.
  • It is a resist technique because no dye can penetrate the parts of the fabric covered with wax.
  • The wax is heated and the hot melted wax is applied on the fabric in the form of a design by using brush or any other such equipment.
  • The waxed material is then dyed in any cold ice dye.
  • In dyeing process, minute cracks occur in the wax, letting in tiny specks of dye. This fine veins of colour which are characteristics of batik.

What is the material used for painting?

  • Cotton, Silk and Rayon are considered as best base materials for the painting.
  • The bees wax and paraffin wax are used in equal quantities.
  • The dyes for batik are called ‘naphthol dyes’. They are also known as cold or ice dyes.

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