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Bioethanol blending in Petrol

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    19th Aug, 2020
  • The government has set targets of 10% bioethanol blending of petrol by 2022 and to raise it to 20% by 2030 under the ethanol blending programme.
    • Ethanol blending is the practice of blending petrol with ethanol.
  • 1G and 2G bioethanol plants will play a key role in making bio-ethanol available for blending.
  • Its aim is to curb carbon emissions and reduce India’s dependence on imported crude oil.
  • 1G bioethanol plants utilise sugarcane juice and molasses, by-products in production of sugar, as raw material to produce bioethanol.
  • 2G plants utilise surplus biomass and agricultural waste to produce bioethanol.
  • The sugar mills pay high prices for sugarcane set by the government.
  • The prices of both sugarcane and bio-ethanol are set by the central government.
  • The price of obtaining agricultural waste required for production of bio-ethanol at 2G plants was currently too high for it to be viable for private investors in the country.

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