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Connecting more people: on PM WANI

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    5th Jan, 2021


  • The Central government’s move to enable public wi-fi data service through small retail data offices can get many more people connected.

What is PM-WANI?

  • Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM WANI) scheme will bring the broadband Internet to remote locations at minimum investment.
  • It will give subscribers the option of making small, need-based payments.

What does the scheme aims for?

  • It aims to bridge that divide using wireless technologies.
  • Potentially, Internet access will connect a new wave of users not just to commercial and entertainment options, but also to education, telehealth and agriculture extension.
  • It will bring greater accountability to government by boosting transparency and interactivity.

What are the citizen’s concerns?

  • Protection of data integrity
  • transparency on commercial use of data
  • security against cyber-attacks

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