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Delhi govt’s inducts two fire fighting robots into fleet

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    26th May, 2022


Recently, the Delhi Government has undertaken a unique initiative of using robots for extinguishing fires in the city.

About the Robots 

  • The robots were bought from an Austrian company.
  • This machine can be operated remotely from a distance of 300 metres. 
    • It will not be affected by fire, smoke, heat, or any other adverse condition.
  • With the help of remote control, it can be sent inside the areas affected by the fire and has a tracking system like army tanks, through which these robots can easily climb stairs. 
  • It has a 140-horsepower engine.
  • It is also equipped with a crawler belt above its tires, allowing it to move easily into congested places and gain access to hard-to-reach spots. 
  • A ventilation fan keeps the machine cool.
  • The sensor and camera are installed in the front part of the robot. 
    • The sensor will go near the fire and release the water according to the temperature there.
  • The fire-resistant robots equipped with modern technology can cover an area of about 100 metres at once and are capable of dousing the fire immediately.
  • These robots will also be capable of releasing high water pressure at the rate of 2,400 litres per minute.


  • This initiative will help reduce collateral damage and save precious lives. 

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