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Earth Hour Day 2021

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    30th Mar, 2021


Earth Hour Day 2021 has been celebrated on 27th March worldwide from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  The theme for this year was “Climate Change to Save Earth.”

About the Earth Hour Day

  • Earth Hour is a global movementwhich started by the World Wide Fund for Nature or the WWF in March 2007.
    • Earth Hour is held annually on the last Saturday of March.
  • Conservation effort: It is one of the most significant environmental conservation events of the year.
  • Objective: Earth Hour try to bring people together to put a virtual spotlight on the planet and it signifies the role people can play in global efforts for nature.
    • Earth Hour triesto promote awareness about environmental issues on a public platform.
  • Significance of the day: It calls for actions on various roles and ways in which people can act for raising awareness about the importance of nature.