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Tribal TB Initiative is launched for a ‘TB Mukt Bharat’

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    30th Mar, 2021


Union Ministry for Health and Family Welfare launched the “Tribal TB Initiative” to fulfill the vision of ‘TB Mukt Bharat’.

About the Tribal TB Initiative

  • Tribal TB Initiative will focus on 161 districts across 18 identified States. This would involve-
  • deploying improved vulnerability mapping techniques
  • organization of the sensitization and capacity building workshops for the volunteers
  • periodical TB active case finding drives
  • provision of TB Preventive Therapy (IPT) for the identified vulnerable population
  • development of long term mechanisms for the vulnerability reduction
  • Web-portal: It also involved the linking of NIKSHAY Portal of MoHFW and Swasthya Portal of the M/o Tribal Affairs.
  • It will help to boost data compilation of TB and will pave way for efficient and convergent actions.

Some efforts for the eradication of TB

  • Target-based approach:India has set a target for the complete elimination of Tuberculosis (TB) by 2025 which is five years ahead of the global target of 2030.
  • Increased allocation: The government has increased the Budget allocation for TB up-to a four-fold in the last 5 years.
  • Health initiatives: High-quality drugs, diagnostics, digital initiatives, innovative private sector interventions, and community engagement intervention.
  • Achievements: The UT of Lakshadweep and the district of Badgam in Jammu & Kashmir have been declared TB Free on World TB Day.
  • International initiatives
  • End TB strategy: It has been initiated by WHO.
    • It aims to end the global TB epidemic, with targets to reduce TB deaths by 95% and to cut new cases by 90% between 2015 and 2035, andto ensure that no family is burdened with catastrophic expenses due to TB.
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): It includes ending the TB epidemic by 2030 under Goal 3. It provides for a unified response to end TB deaths, disease, and suffering.