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First YP Abrol Memorial Award

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    11th Jun, 2021


The first ever international South Asian Award on Nitrogen management has been announced recently, as a part of the 8th triennial Conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative.

  • The award is shared by Dr. AnjanDatta from Bangladesh and Mr. Mahesh Pradhan from Nepal, for their work as the founding architect and the current-coordinator, respectively, of the Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (GPNM).

What is YP Abrol Memorial Award?

  • The ‘Prof. YP Abrol Memorial Award for Excellence in Science and/or policy towards Sustainable Nitrogen Management’ was established by the Sustainable India Trust in 2020 in the memory of its founder, who passed away on 26 July 2020.
  • Regarded as the father of Indian agricultural nitrogen research, Prof. Abrol developed nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for green revolution from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.
  • He also founded the Indian Nitrogen Group, South Asian Nitrogen Centre of INI and the Society for Conservation of Nature in New Delhi.

Global Partnership on Nutrient Management

  • The GPNM Asia Platform was launched in 2010 in Delhi, India.
  • Its efforts at UNEP led to the UN resolution on Sustainable Nitrogen Management piloted by the Indian government and more countries are monitoring and developing mitigation targets for nitrogen pollution now than ever before.
  • The Indian initiative is a result of the decade-long efforts of Abrol and the Indian Nitrogen Group.

About the UN Environment Programme

  • The UN Environment Programme is the leading global voice on the environment.
  • It provides leadership and encourages partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.
  • It was established by Maurice Strong, its first director, after the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in June 1972.
  • It hosts the secretariats of several multilateral environmental agreements and research bodies, including The Convention on Biological Diversity, The Minamata Convention, CMS and CITES.
  • In 1988, the World Meteorological Organization and UNEP established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  • UNEP is also one of several Implementing Agencies for the Global Environment Facility and the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol.
  • Its headquarters are established in Nairobi, Kenya.