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‘Sea snot’ outbreak in Turkey

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    11th Jun, 2021


There has been growing environmental concern in Turkey over the accumulation of ‘sea snot’, which can cause considerable damage to the marine ecosystem.

About the Sea snot in Turkey

  • Sea snot is a slimy layer of grey or green sludge in the country’s seas.
    • A ‘sea snot’ outbreak was first recorded in the country in 2007.
    • ‘Sea snot’ is marine mucilage that is formed when algae are overloaded with nutrients as a result of water pollution combined with the effects of climate change.
    • The nutrient overload occurs when algae feast on warm weather caused by global warming. Water pollution adds to the problem.
    • The overproduction of phytoplankton caused by climate change and the uncontrolled dumping of household and industrial waste into the seas has led to the present crisis.
  • Location: Turkey’s Sea of Marmara, that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, has witnessed the largest outbreak of ‘sea snot’.
    • The sludge has also been spotted in the adjoining Black and Aegean seas.
  • Environmental impacts: Aquatic life was getting poisoned by the dumping of waste and global warming. There has been considerable reduction in the fishes.
    • ‘Sea snot’ can cause an outbreak of water-borne diseases such as cholera in cities like Istanbul.
  • Protection: The entire Sea of Marmara will be turned into a protected area (PA).