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Golden Birdwing

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    10th Jul, 2020
  • ‘Golden Birdwing’ dethrones ‘Southern Birdwing’ to become the largest Butterfly in India.
  • The female species of the Golden Birdwing had a wingspan of 194 mm that is 4 mm larger than that of the Southern Birdwing with 190 mm wingspan.
  • The largest wingspan in the male species of the Golden Birdwing was recorded during the study was of 106 mm.
  • The female Golden Birdwing with 194 mm wingspan was recorded at Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district’s Didihat town, while the male Golden Birdwing with 106 mm wingspan was recorded at the Wankhar Butterfly Museum (in Shillong).
  • This new measurement study was done by Peter Smetacek (from Butterfly Research Centre in Nainital districts’ Bhimtal town) and Shistee Panthee (from University of Chinese Academy of Science in China’s Yunnan Province).

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