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Govt. approves advisory for management of Human-Wildlife Conflict across the country

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    7th Jan, 2021


  • The Standing Committee of National Board of Wildlife(SC-NBWL) has approved the advisory for management of Human-Wildlife Conflict(HWC) in the country.

How the advisory is significant?

  • The advisory makes important prescriptions for the States/ Union Territories for dealing with Human-Wildlife conflict situations and seeks expedited inter-departmental coordinated and effective actions.

What are the key features of the released advisory?

  • The advisory envisages empowering gram panchayats in dealing with the problematic wild animals as per the section 11 (1) (b) of Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • Utilizing add-on coverage under the Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojna for crop compensation against crop damage due to HWC.
  • It also augments the fodder and water sources within the forest areas to reduce HWC.
  • It also includes the payment of a portion of ex-gratia as interim relief within 24 hours of the incident to the victim/family.
  • It also envisages prescribing inter-departmental committees at local/state level.
  • It includes adoption of early warning systems, creation of barriers, dedicated circle wise Control Rooms with toll free hotline numbers which could be operated on 24X7 basis, Identification of hotspots and formulation and implementation of special plans for improved stall-fed farm animal etc.

Some of the other important approvals of the SC-NBWL

  • Caracal, a medium size wild cat found in some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, into the list of critically endangered species for taking up conservation efforts with financial support under centrally sponsored Scheme-Development of Wildlife Habitat.
  • Now, there are 22 wildlife species under recovery programme for critically endangered species.

National Board for Wildlife (NBWL)

  • The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) is constituted by the Central Government under Section 5 A of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (WLPA).
  • National Board for Wildlife is a statutory Board constituted officially in 2003 under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • The NBWL is chaired by the Prime Minister and is responsible for promotion of conservation and development of wildlife and forests.
  • The Standing Committee of NBWL considers proposals after a series of levels of scrutiny and recommendations of the State Chief Wildlife Warden, State Government and the State Board for Wildlife.

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