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Jumping' genes role in blood cancers

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    14th Apr, 2021


US scientists have found that jumping genes can protect against certain blood cancers and they can also help in developing new therapeutic targets.

What are Jumping genes?

  • Jumping genes are also known as transposons.
  • DNA segments: They are DNA sequences that can move or jump from one location to another location in the genome after activation.
  • Mutation:Jumping genes act as mutating agents and are behind several human diseases.
  • Alter the sequence: Jumping genes change the gene sequence and genome size.
    • It results in duplication of the same genetic material.

About the key findings

  • Prediction:The findings show that jumping genes can help in predicting the response of cancer therapies.
    • It can also help suggest the therapeutic targets for acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Studied transposon: A transposon that is known as long interspersed element-1 (L1) retro transposons was studied during the study.
    • Activation of L1 leads to genome instability which can activate DNA damage response that triggers cell death or prevents the cell's ability to replicate.
    • A known regulator of L1, that is MPP8, is found to be essential for cancer cell survival.
      • MPP8 blocks the activity of L1 and helps in cancer cell survival
      • Inactivation of MPP8 triggers L1 to turn on its damaging activity.

Significance of the study

  • As they help in the degeneration of the DNA sequence of cancer cells, they could be a potential source of therapeutic agent for cancer therapy.