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    2nd Dec, 2020

What is Kalampattu?

  • Kalampattuis a traditional performing art in Kerala.
  • It is performed as a vazhipad (offering).

What are its features?

  • Pattu kurup, a traditional community, is in charge of the function.
  • This offering is performed for the blessings of gods like Bhadrakali, Ayyappan, Vettakkorumakan, serpent god, etc.
  • The image of the deity in the kalam is similar to those in Kerala murals.
  • Kalams are drawn on the floor using rice flour (for white), burnt paddy-husk (black), turmeric (yellow), dried leaves (green), and a mix of turmeric and lime (red).

How it is performed?

  • The kurup makes the kalam picture (drawn on the floor using five colours) and he sings also.
  • When the Kalam is ready, the Deity and the Komaram will be welcomed to the Kalam as a procession with a song by Kurup called Mullakkan pattu.
  • The velichappad (Komaram) mostly belongs to the Nambudiricommunity does the further processions which includes kalapradikshinam (rounding the kalam with different steps and rhythms), nalikerameru (breaking of coconut as offering), and kalammakkal (validictory function – closing the function).
  • Marar (who plays drums) does the Sandyavela after deeparadhana.
  • The classical flavor through ragas is a distinct aspect of his renditions.
  • It is presented both in the morning and evening. Each session spans a fortnight or a month.
  • The Kalam repertoire comprises 50-odd songs, each with at least eight lines, composed in old Malayalam with a dash of chaste Tamil.

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