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Kongonaphon kely Fossils

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    27th Jul, 2020
  • Kongonaphon kely or tiny bug slayer was an extremely small ancestor to dinosaurs and pterosaurs (extinct flying reptiles).
  • The fossils of Kongonaphon Kely were discovered in 1998 as part of an expedition by an American–Malagasy crew made in Madagascar
  • Analysis of body size throughout the history of dinosaurs shows that ancestrally medium-sized animals evolved into very small animals.
  • Kongonaphon, a Triassic vertebrate would have been around 10 cm tall and about 30 cm long.
  • This then evolved into dinosaurs and pterosaurs which could reach enormous sizes.
  • In India, Triassic vertebrate fossils of similar age have been found in a band of rocks extending across Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha, but thus far nothing like Kongonaphon has been found there.

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