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Mahavir Jayanti 2021

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    27th Apr, 2021


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished people Mahavir Jayanti and hoped that Lord Mahavir to help us in fighting the current situation of COVID-19.


  • The day is celebrated across the world by the Jain community in memory of the last spiritual teacher of Jainism.
  • It takes place in March or April, as per the Gregorian calendar.
  • It also marks the 13th day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar.
  • This year, it was held on April 25.

Lord Mahavir

  • Lord Mahavir is considered the founder of Jainism.
  • He was born in 599 BC, at Kshatriyakund, Bihar, on the 13th day of the bright half of the moon, in the month of Chaitra.
  • He was the 24th and the last Tirthankar (teaching god who preaches dharma).

He was born to King Siddartha and queen Trisala. He was named Vardhaman by his parents.

Principles of Lord Mahavir:

Mahavir’s teachings are the main pillars of Jainism or the ‘Jain Agamas’. Mahavir promoted the following principles to live a righteous life:

  • Nonviolence (Ahimsa) causing no harm to the living beings
  • Truthfulness (Satya) to speak the truth
  • Non-stealing (Asteya) not to possess things that do not belong to you
  • Chastity (Bramacharya) not to indulge in sensual pleasures
  • Non-attachment (Aparigraha) not to get attached to material things