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Manda Buffalo: Odisha

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    8th Sep, 2021


The Manda buffalo has been recognised as the 19th unique breed of buffaloes found in India by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR). 

Key-points Manda Buffalo

  • Habitat
  • The buffalo are found in geographical distribution to hill ranges of Eastern Ghats and plateau of Koraput region.
  • Both male and female of this breed are used for ploughing in their native habitat.
  • Characteristics
  • These buffaloes have ash grey and grey coats with copper-coloured hair.
  • The lower part of the legs up to elbow is light in colour with copper-colored hair at the knee. 
  • Speciality of the Breed
  • Resistant to parasitic infections
  • Less prone to diseases
  • Can live, produce and reproduce at low or nil input systems

Other recognized breeds

  • NBAGR already received a recognition of 
    • One breed of sheep, Kendrapada
    • Two breeds of buffalo - Chilika and Kalahandi
    • Four breeds of cattle - Binjharpuri, Motu, Ghumusari and Khariar

Significance of Recognition

  • With the national recognition, efforts will be made by the Centre and State for conservation of the unique buffalo genetic resource.
  • The conservation projects are in force for all the indigenous breeds in the State. 
    • Binjharpuri cattle semen production and its use through artificial insemination is a remarkable achievement in the country in the field of conservation.

National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) 

  • ICAR-National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal (NBAGR) is the nodal agency for the registration of newly identified germplasm of livestock and poultry of the country.
  • NBAGR undertakes the responsibility of evaluating, certifying and conserving the rich and varied germplasm resources available in the country and whose genetic base is shrinking fast.