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National Hydrogen Mission

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    18th Feb, 2021


In the Budget 2021-22, Ministry of Finance proposed to launch a ‘National Hydrogen Mission’ for generating hydrogen from green power sources

What is expected from this mission?

  • The National Hydrogen Mission aims is to develop India into a global hub for manufacturing of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies across the value chain, via suitable incentives and facilitation aligned with ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Hydrogen is one of the chemical elements that exist in nature. Hydrogen exists naturally as a molecule, consisting of two hydrogen atoms. The chemical formula of hydrogen is H?.

How hydrogen is manufactured?

  • Steam reforming of ammonia
  • From coal/coal gasification, Petroleum coke, methane, biomass etc
  • Electrolysis of water
  • Radiolysis
  • Thermolysis

Why the focus is shifting towards hydrogen?

  • Most cars burn petrol or diesel in their engines. These chemical reactions make carbon dioxide and water.Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which means too much of it can promote global warming. Global warming causes climate change, resulting in droughts, floods and extreme weather.
  • Hydrogen cars help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • They either burn hydrogen in an engine or they react both hydrogen and oxygen together in a fuel cell.
  • Both processes produce electricity which powers an electric motor. Hydrogen cars produce one harmless exhaust gas – water vapour.

What is fuel cell?

  • Along with hydrogen, fuel cell is also bursting on to the scene and has the potential to solve some of the biggest problems in energy.

Other nascent technologies in energy sector

  • Marine solar
  • Molten salt reactor
  • Dynamic Submarine Cable
  • UltraBattery