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PM Modi named Somnath Temple trust chairman

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    19th Jan, 2021


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is chosen as the new chairman of the Somnath Temple trust which manages the Somnath Temple at Prabhas Patan town in Gujarat's Gir-Somnath district, becoming the second PM to hold the post.

Somnath Temple

  • The Somnath temple(also known as the DeoPatan) is located in Prabhas Patan on the western coast of Gujarat.
  • It is believed to be the first among the twelve jyotirlingashrines of Shiva.

Temple Architecture

  • The present temple is built in the Chaulukya style of temple architecture or "Kailash Mahameru Prasad" style.
  • This style is sometimes called the Vesara style and Chalukya style.
  • It reflects the skill of the SompuraSalats, one of Gujarat's master masons.
  • The temple's sikhara, or main spire, is 15 metres in height, and it has an 8.2-metre tall flag pole at the top.
  • The temple’s entrance has gallery exhibits photos telling the tale of the ancient temple’s ruins, renovations and excavations.
  • The temple’s architecture and is adorned with stone carvings & sculptures.
  • The temple in its interior has a GarbhaGriha with the Jyotirlingam enshrined in it, a SabhaMandap or assembly hall and aNrityamandap.
  • The ceiling is made out of loadstone and is decked with exquisite watercolor paintings.

Chalukya or Vasara Style of Temple architecture

  • The Vesara style (Western Chalukyas in the late 10th-century) contains elements of both Dravida and Nagara styles.
  • They have Northern Indian Style of Shikhara and Mandap was designed in Southern Indian Style.
  • Shikhara and Mandap are joint by the Antarala.
  • These temples do not have ambulatory passageways around Sanctum Sanctorum.
  • Examples: Ladkhan Temple at Aihole, DoddaBassapa Temple at Dambal.