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Pokkali rice

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    7th Aug, 2020
  • The pokkali variety is known for its saltwater resistance and ability to flourish in the paddy fields of coastal districts of Kerala.
  • The uniqueness of the rice has brought it the Geographical Indication (GI) tag and is the subject of continuing research.
  • Now, Sundarbans farmers are planning to use pokkali seeds as about 80% of the rice paddies in the Sundarbans faced the problem of saltwater incursion.
  • Five kilos of Vyttila¬11 variety of pokkali seedlings were sent to Sunderbans.
  • Vyttila¬11 is the latest variety to come out of Kerala Agricultural University.
  • Vyttila¬11 promises better yield of about 5 tonnes per hectare than the previous varieties, and is crossed with the Jyoti variety of rice popular in Kerala. The crop duration is about 110 days.

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