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UNEP and IEA Report

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    23rd Jul, 2020
  • The United Nations Environment Programme and the International Energy Agency released a report on “Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis”
  • The report cited benefits of cooling efficiency and Kigali Amendment report.
  • The report says that by 2050, the world will need at least 14 billion cooling appliances. Currently, there are 3.6 billion appliances in use globally.
  • The increase in cooling appliance will come due to the demand from the following sectors.
  • Temperature controlled supply chain
  • Food Safety Comfort and Luxury in domestic
  • Vaccines and medicines supply chain
  • The report says that the Air Conditioners use Hydro fluorocarbons that emit greenhouse gases. Without correct policy interventions, the emissions from the air conditioning and refrigeration are to increase by 90% as compared to 2017 levels in 2050.

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