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What kind of an agri-food policy does India need?

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    18th Jan, 2021


Amid the protests of the three contentious farm laws with protesting farmers, India needs to frame an optimal agri-food policy to address both short-run and long-term challenges.

What should be the design of an optimal agri-food policy?

  • Sufficient production: It should be able to produce enough food, feed and fibre for its large population.
  • Investment in R&D: Investment should be done in R&D for agriculture and its extension from laboratories to farms and irrigation facilities.
  • Income support policies: There is need to switch from the highly subsidised input price policy (power, water, fertilisers) and MSP/FRP policy for paddy, wheat and sugarcane, to more income support policies linked to saving water, soil and air quality.
  • Seamless movement: The policy should enable seamless movement of food from farm to fork, keeping marketing costs low, save on food losses in supply chains and provide safe and fresh food to consumers.
  • Consumer friendly: Consumers should get safe and nutritious food at affordable prices.

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