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Myth of writing the paper in Hindi or English language.

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    22nd Feb, 2021

Writing the paper in English or Hindi is an age old dilemma where aspirants find themselves. An English medium student is not much concerned about this, however, a Hindi medium Student ponders a lot over this issue. Concerned over declining trend of final selection of Hindi medium students. Some of them opt to write in English to gain some parity, however for few years they will have much catching to do in comparison to English medium students.

Apart from lack of quality reference materials and Teachers, in today’s context what drags the success of Hindi medium aspirants is that there is lack of terminology of contemporary words in Hindi e.g Fiscal Federalism, Foot loose industries. Moreover, if a candidate is able to device terminology for these contemporary words, they will find it difficult to put their ideas in limited time and space during exam. Hence this lack of contemporary vocabulary does not allow a student to express their ideas fully on paper, which may fetch fewer marks.

However one can overcome these hardships, as many selection of Hindi medium students proves. With right guidance and hard work one will achieve the coveted target. Also the Commission takes care of these inherent biases through moderation and scaling. Hence aspirants should not be much perturbed about these futile debates, and should control what is controllable. Selection of Hindi medium candidates every year vouch that where there is will there is way.

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