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A new type of ancient crater lake discovered on Mars

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    2nd Apr, 2021


Researchers at Brown University in the US have discovered a new unknown type of ancient crater lake on Mars which could reveal clues about the planet's early climate.

About the Finding

  • The crater is unusual in having geological evidence of ancient stream beds and ponds.
  • It could be fed by runoff from a long-lost Martian glacier.
  • Water flowed into the crater atop the glacier.
  • Significance: The crater provides key clues about the early climate of the red planet.

How it is different?

  • In other Martian lake systems, the drainage breaches the crater wall and in some cases flowing out the other side. But here everything is happening inside the crater
  • Other Martian crater lakes: Gale and Jezero craters

Crater lakes

  • A volcanic crater lake is a lake in a crater that forms from explosive activity or collapse during a volcanic eruption.
  • Crater lakes form as the created depression, within the crater rim and are filled by water.
  • The water in a crater lake may come from precipitation, groundwater circulation, or melted ice.