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    1st Oct, 2022


Indigenously developed special aviation fuel AVGAS 100 LL, a special aviation fuel meant for piston engine aircraft and unmanned Ariel vehicles was launched by the Indian Government.

What is AVGAS 100 LL?

  • Aviation gasoline, commonly known as “AVGAS” and jet fuel are two different types of petroleum-based fuel used to power airplanes and other crafts.
  • Aviation Gasoline 100LL (AVGAS 100LL) is a high-octane aviation fuel and a lower lead version of Aviation Gasoline 100 (0.56g lead/litre Max).
  • AVGAS is a gasoline containing tetra-ethyl lead (TEL), which gives it a high-octane number.
  • The fuel has been developed by Indian Oil Corporation.

Uses of AVGAS 100 LL

  • It is excellent for use in piston engine-powered private, commercial, and military training aircraft.
  • It is mainly used by Flying Training Organizations (FTOs) and defence forces for training pilots.


  • The indigenous availability of AV GAS 100 LL will help reduce dependence on imports and address the associated logistical challenges.
  • At present, AVGAS 100 LL is completely imported, primarily from European countries.
    • India has a consumption of around 3,000 kilolitres per year.

Other Important Aviation Fuels

  • Jet fuel (Jet A-1, kerosene): It is used globally in the turbine engines (jet engines, turboprops) in civil aviation. This is carefully refined, light petroleum. The fuel type is kerosene.
  • Kerosene-gasoline mixture (Jet B): This aviation fuel is used for military jets. This special blend (grade Jet B, also called JP-4) of about 65% gasoline and 35% kerosene is used in regions with particularly low temperatures.
  • Biokerosene: It is a mixture of kerosene and biofuels that the aviation industry has been testing for several years in numerous test flights.

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