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Climate Change and Forest Fire Link

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    10th Oct, 2020
  • Scientists have noted that human-induced climate change promotes the conditions on which wildfires depend.
  • It is also called forest, bush or vegetation fire.
  • It is any uncontrolled burning of plants in a natural setting such as a forest, grassland which consumes the natural fuels and spreads based on wind, topography.
  • These can be incited by human actions, such as land clearing, extreme drought or in rare cases by lightning.
  • Three conditions needed for a wildfire: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source.
  • Globally, forest fires release billions of tons of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people die due to illnesses caused by exposure to smoke
  • Factors: (1) Climate change increases the frequency; (2) Poor land and forest management

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