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Discovery of a new sub-species of the six-line blue butterfly

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    31st Mar, 2021


A new sub-species of the six-line blue butterfly have been found from the south Western Ghats.

About the newly found butterfly

  • Name: Nacaduba Sinhala Ramaswami.
  • Vernacular identification: Ramaswami’s Six Lineblue and Ceylon Varayanneeli
  • Genus: The Lycaenid butterfly belongs to the Nacaduba genus.
  • It was kept within the Threatened Taxa in March 2021.
  • Physical features: This butterfly has the following features:
    • Furry eyes
    • Anastomosis of veins 11 and 12 on forewings
    • Male wings havea purple gloss on the higher aspect
    • Higher aspect of each sex with uninteresting whitish striae
  • Host: The leaves of the Dimocarpuslongon act as the host plant of the butterfly.
  • Life Cycle: Its varied states are of egg to ultimate instar larvae.
  • Habitat:The distribution of line blues butterflies varies from India and Sri Lanka, entire southeastern Asia, Australia, and Samoa.