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Giant Asian honey bee is falling prey to air pollution

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    14th Aug, 2020
  • Apis dorsata produces more than 80% of India’s honey.
  • Apis dorsata is giant honey bee native to South and Southeast Asia.
  • They are typically around 17–20 mm long and known for their aggressive defence strategies and vicious behaviour when disturbed.
  • Though not domesticated, the indigenous peoples have traditionally used this species as a source of honey and beeswax, a practice known as honey hunting.
  • India is the world’s largest fruit producer, second-largest vegetable producer as well as the second-most populous country.
  • The wild pollinator is an important contributor to India’s food security and ecosystems.
  • 80% of all flowering plants rely on animal pollination, maximum of which would disappear without insect pollinators like honey bees.

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